Bosses Day Thank You’s!

Today is Bosses Day!  While not a very important day (not a national holiday), it is a humbling day for bosses, in my opinion.  It is important for each leader, not boss, to remember where they came from and who our influences were as we increased our levels of responsibility. 

So, today, I want to recognize some of my Bosses with a short sentence or two on how they influenced me.

John Sprague – Taught me the importance of “WORK” and focus, and most importantly responsibility.
Jon Hobble – Taught me how to take a chance and “go for it”!  If I didn’t listen to Jon, I wouldn’t have taken my first plunge into leadership.
Rick Simmons – Taught me about the importance of being tenacious and driven in the workplace.
Roger Sedlacek – Made me first think about leadership, not management.  I still find myself asking the question, am I people leader, or a technical leader?
Lee Ervin – A mentor to me.  Taught me the importance of integrity in results.
Erica Mortenson – At the end of the day, all people will remember is a name and is your name associated with positive or negative thoughts.  Erica reported up to me but this conversation has resonated with me for years.
Angela Dossey – A mentor, and a friend.  Taught me how to be human at work and never forget where you came from.  Through Angela, I realized the importance of having fun at work and not to sweat the small stuff.  “Is it a hill worth dying on?
Sean Dickson – A mentor and fellow Jayhawk!  Taught me the importance of relationships from the aspect that I work in a small, but large industry, and everyone knows everyone. 
Terence Hayes – A mentor, and a friend.  Taught me the importance of humility in the workplace.  Success is not about the individual but about the team that worked together to achieve it.  Through Terence I really learned the difference between leadership and management.  Always inspect what is expected!
Shelia Dunlap – A friend, and a mentor.  Through Shelia I have started to recognize my potential as a leader.  Through Shelia, I have realized that credit is not as important as execution.  Take the time to inspire others to reach their potential.

There are many others that I have had the privilege to work with and for.  Remember, as a leader, each of us have an impact on those around us, both directly and indirectly.  Take the time each day to recognize the impact of your actions on others.

Have fun, work hard, enjoy life!  Happy Bosses Day!


4 thoughts on “Bosses Day Thank You’s!

  1. It's always powerful and affirming to be able to recognize and share the worth we find in others. I found you via Bloggers Helping Bloggers on LinkedIn and hope you will stop by and check out my book-based blog as well.

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