My Humble Shoes

It is the time of year where I become very reflective about a lot of things.  It is a time to give thanks and to remember the sacrifices of others.  It is a time to give more of yourself for those around you. 

I have a pair of sneakers that I call my “Humble Shoes”.  They are a pair of white with black logos and lettering Avia’s.  These sneakers have holes in both sides of the toes from being the wrong width, and over a period of a couple of months the leather gave way.  These are very comfortable for me. 

I call them my Humble Shoes because I am not a wealthy person, but I can usually afford to buy myself a pair of sneakers without holes in them.  They are my Humble Shoes because they keep me grounded.

I thought about these shoes when I was on a recent business trip and as my bosses and I were at a business dinner with a prospective vendor, there was a table of 14 men and women having a dinner.  What was interesting about this group was the story that a member of the group told us as they were taking a picture of the table.  This group of 70 somethings were laughing, reminiscing, and enjoying each others company.  They men of the group were all part of the same company stationed overseas pre-Viet Nam, but post Korean Conflict.  The oldest of the group was a gentleman in a wheel chair, he was their commanding officer.  Each year, this group would get together, and as it was harder for the groups Commander to travel, they all decided to travel to him and his wife each year just to stay in touch.  Interestingly, the men and women of this group were actually 7 married couples that had been married for over 50 years each.  WOW!!

After being inspired by this group, I realized how much these men sacrificed over the years.  Some were more successful than others, but they valued the relationships they forged 50+ years ago.

My Humble Shoes keep me reminded that success comes only after sacrifice.  Comfort comes from years of being uncomfortable and learning from mistakes. 

At this time of year, I look around at how commercial the holiday season is.  I am a fan of the lights and music, don’t get me wrong, however, you have to remain grounded and remember that there are people around you that are struggling each day.  Some you would never expect have struggles.  Treat people with respect and dignity at all times.

My Humble Shoes keep me humble regardless of personal or professional success.  Like those Veterans who served our country and worked hard to be able to enjoy their lives with their spouses, remember those who struggle and persevere through adversity.

Life is not easy, stay humble. 


7 thoughts on “My Humble Shoes

  1. All good points and ones I've definitely taken to heart over the years. Now who really needs some humble shoes? The stores that will be opening Thanksgiving night! Good grief.

  2. I love your story and you know what, I have a humble T shirt, it now has holes in it, I haven't thrown it away, this is exactly what I call it – my humble T shirt and when I am feeling down and need to remind myself that I should be grateful for so many things, I did it out and wear it. It was orange and white, the orange has completely faded away….but yes, it is very comforting, holes notwithstanding.

  3. Thanks for that comment, Mark. It's really amazing how long-term friendships seem to keep us grounded and real, while the newer friendships seem to energize and motivate us. Each of them plays a very relevant role in creating and contributing to our mosaic.

  4. Mark – What a lovely story. It is important to remind ourselves to be humble sometimes. Especially with the fast paced lives many of us live. I have both old and new friendships that I hold dear in my heart. 🙂

  5. "Comfort comes from years of being uncomfortable and learning from mistakes." <—- This would have been a killer TITLE!I need me some humble clothing to keep me grounded! Thanks Mark!!

  6. FANTASTIC message in this post Mark! My favorite line is "treat people with respect and dignity at all times." When I'm in a crowded place I'll often pause to look around at all the different people and wonder what their story is. Everyone has a story and whether we agree with it or not, it belongs to them and deserves to be respected. I also like that you have a tangible item that reminds you to be humble. I'm going to find one for myself! Thanks for the inspiration Mark!

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